I participated in a fun Facebook social experiment and highly recommend it to those of you who love to read!


All you do is paste this into your update:

WANTED: Participants for a book-loving social experiment. .
What do you have to do?
Buy your favorite book and send it to a stranger (I’ll send you a name and address.) You will only be sending one book to one person. The books that will show up on your doorstep are other people’s much-loved stories.
Comment if you want to participate and I’ll send you details
#SaveTheCulture #BookExchange

What you send via PM to each person who comments on your post noting they want to participate:

For the book exchange do the following: 1. Re-post the “Wanted” ad in my status on your own page. 2. Send a beloved book to (theoretically this would be the person who you got invited from, but if you are starting it off pick a friend to have everyone send a book to) 3. Give anyone who comments on your status YOUR address: Your Name, Street Address, City, State, Zip  4. If someone wants to participate, he/she will repost the invite/request, send a book to me, and then give *your* address to those who comment on his/her status. Theoretically and hopefully.
If you decide to try it…hope you enjoy as much as I have!

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