Starting in January, I will be exploring story! I have finally signed up to take a creative writing course – something I’ve wanted to do for years. When exploring something new, I always do better when I have a structure. And to be honest, I love the pressure of working towards a goal.

Why writing? I have always been drawn to storytelling, from my years in dance to my years in theatre.  In college, grad school and my early directing career I was surrounded by talented playwrights. It was such a blessing to work with them as a director, bringing their vision to life on the stage.

I myself find that I am constantly dreaming of stories to develop. Developing them into a narrative of some sort feels like something I need to do. Although I have a bubbling fear and nervousness about sharing these unknown treasures, I’m taking the plunge with Gotham Writers starting January 3rd.

Here’s to ripping off the band-aid of self-doubt and fear…see you back here soon!

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