I rediscovered Yoga in late November 2016. I had played around with it before, but never very seriously. For some reason it hadn’t been accessible to me in the way it is now. I’m not entirely sure why, other than I always felt that because I wasn’t great at it, it couldn’t be enjoyable. Coming from a dance (ballet) background and achieving a certain level of proficiency in the art form did a lot for me when it comes to working hard, holding myself to a high standard and being accountable. But, what I was missing when it comes to Yoga (and the fact that I’m not 17 anymore) was the fact that the process and daily, incremental change that you go through is where the enjoyment comes in. I was had been too focused on results before.

And for me it hasn’t been solely about the changes I’m seeing in my body from my daily Yoga practice. It’s everything. My approach to creating an overall healthier lifestyle is helping me to connect all the dots. Reading and engaging with others around personal development approaches combined with practicing Yoga and changing my relationship with food has been the key. My mind feels healthier. Cleaner. Clearer. That has truly been the greatest gift, and it’s because I am actively and passionately doing the work on me.

Another key for me was not starting this transformation all at once, and sharing my journey with key people in my life. In late November I focused on changing my routine by starting meditation and making the morning about reconnecting with myself and my vision for me. During the first thirty days of that process I played around with various exercise routines, and kept returning to Yoga. After thirty successful days, although difficult at times, of establishing my new morning routine I committed to daily Yoga and a treat of taking one class a week at a local studio. Then after a few weeks of establishing that routine, I ventured down the path of resetting the way I consume food and how I consider what I’m putting in my body. (I’m now on week three of that step!)

The results have been amazing. Mentally, emotionally, and physically. I’m energized and excited about the future. I feel good about how I am treating myself and it’s translating into how I engage with my family and others in my life. I am more present. It feels like an awakening and I’m only getting started.

We all have different paths or things we connect to that turn our light on. Some people gravitate towards weight training, others toward group power classes, while some seek out a life coach, or join a Facebook accountability group. Some do Whole30 while others swear by Paleo. Whatever it is, it’s good. Whatever it is, it’s your journey. Take time for you. Love yourself. You deserve it.

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