Sumner’s Stories: The Mouse Craft, Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Gwen

“Fetch me Gwen!” commanded King Spinam.

“Yes, your highness,” replied one of his servants. The servant quickly attached a note to a leg of one of the royal hummingbirds and shouted the order, “Fly!”

The vibrant colored hummingbird lifted off into the sky and flew away to Gwen’s tower. When the hummingbird arrived clanging noises were coming from the structure. The hummingbird hesitated. Normally, when a messenger went into Gwen’s tower the poor bird would have to sword fight in order to give her the note. But, the hummingbird had a job to do, it hesitated no longer and flew down to a window, peeked inside and as expected Gwen was battling one of her dummies.

The hummingbird flew into the tower.

Gwen saw something out of the corner of her eye – something moving fast. Out of pure instinct she raised her sword to meet the attacker’s weapon. It turned out to be a hummingbird, but she wasn’t going to stop. She battled the hummingbird, the bird countered her attacks quickly. All the hummingbirds were used to this sort of thing having been sent to Gwen’s tower before, she always looked for excuses to do battle training on the fast flying birds.

Gwen was a russet color mouse with a purple cloak. She had a sword with diamonds and rubies on the hilt and the blade was made out of a cat’s tooth. T

Gwen noticed the letter tied to the hummingbird’s leg, she sighed. Now she had to read it. She started at what the note said:

MessengerOne-note-Chapter3-copyright Sumnersstories

Gwen sighed, “Sorry about that little hummingbird, thank you for the note.”

Gwen took off her training armor and put her sword by the wall. She would continue her battle training after the royal meeting. She descended the many stairs into the kitchen and resisted the tempting scent of acorn tea and honey pie. She walked into the throne room and waited for the king notice her.

“Ah, Gwen,” King Spinam acknowledged. “Pleased to make your acquaintance, I have a mission for you. You shall go to Greywood and eliminate the rats there, but be careful. Char, the snake, is on the path you and your mice will take. Bring four other mice with you, you will find your mice in the stables.”

Gwen gasped, her very first quest! She replied, “Yes, your majesty, Sir!”

In a rush, Gwen ran down to the stables. She opened the door and found four mice, all of them she knew: Lemur, the blacksmith’s apprentice. Reed, the honey collector. Zia, who tended to the steeds. Delvy, Gwen’s sister!

“Delvy, what are you doing here?” asked Gwen with surprise in her voice.

“I’m here to accompany you on this quest,” replied Delvy. There was no time to think or worry. Gwen and the others rushed to the animals.

“We should take the ravens, they’ll be the fastest,” declared Zia.

Zia and Lemur were brother and sister. They were both black, except Lemur had white paws, and they both had green eyes. Reed was blond with a dark brown collar of fur around his neck, and he had mustard colored eyes. Delvy was white with light brown spots on her back, she was a small mouse, that’s why Gwen was worried about her going on the quest.

Gwen, Lemur, Zia, Reed, and Delvy grabbed the ravens and took off into the sky to begin their quest.

Copyright: Sumner’s Stories, Once Upon Alaska, 2018