Codie Costello Coach

My name is Codie. I love working with people seeking ways to contribute in the world through their passion, spirit and artistry. I believe we are all creative and capable of so much. I’ve experienced many times in my own life when I’ve struggled and worried over choices, opportunities and being ruled by ‘shoulds’. Coaching provided me with a space to dig in and collaborate with a trusted guide to uncover new ways of approaching my life. I believe wholeheartedly in supporting each other in this journey we are all on.

As your coach, trusted guide and partner, I am committed to help you with things like

  • exploring your personal values and foundations
  • creating space for your goals
  • envisioning and calling in all that you want for your life
  • identifying what’s holding you back
  • finding and celebrating transferable skills
  • getting to know and building trust in your own voice
  • letting go of the things that are beyond your control
  • designing positive and aligned actions to curate your own life

Getting to know you.

We’ll spend time creating space to explore what truly motivates you.

Unfolding your story.

Through sharing the story of you, together, we’ll gain clarity on what you want for your life.

Finding your path.

We’ll uncover your strategy for achieving your goals, aligned with your values.