The earthquake in 2018 delayed our dreams a bit. After a year of repairs of our current home, we are ready to start! During our repair process in summer 2019, we decided to take a step towards preparing our land to feel like we were doing something.

2020 will be our year!


Can you picture it?

Looking back to where our house location will be. We’ve designed an octagon style home, single floor with lofted family room.

The main floor will be approximately 1,900 square feet, with 500 square feet in the lofted area.

To the west of the house we will have a 30′ x 40′ garage with lofted area and a full kitchen/bath. Our plans changed (due to earthquake) and we’ll build the garage first, move in and sell our home, then be onsite for our house build in 2021.

The Dream is starting to come to life!

We have made progress this beautiful month of August! The well and septic are in, the ground is prepped for concrete and electrical and comms lines are going in. Our goal is to be out of the ground by first snow so we can continue our inside work and start to migrate our things in throughout the fall!

Next challenge: find a conex trailer for onsite storage!

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