I worked with a group of employees in December to understand their perspective on some issues going on in their company. The discussions were thoughtful and powerful, filled with stories of pride, gratitude and hard work, and some with concerns, misperceptions and feelings of being undervalued. Over the past month I’ve been sharing the distilled information with various members of their management team, and some of it has been challenging for them to hear, while at the same time it is uncovering amazing opportunities for them to make their organization stronger.

After sharing the information yesterday (a very early flight and day away, hence my lack of a post), I went down to a common area in their office to work for a bit until my flight home. As I was on a work call with my team back home, headphones in and clacking away on my computer, a woman from the presentation group approached me. She tiptoed over and handed me a slip of paper, part of the note read:

You inspired me today … Thank You! Inspire, be inspired.

While looking at her, remembering I was on the phone, I mouthed the words, “Thank you,” with my hand on my heart. She smiled and turned to leave, and I swear she had a skip in her step. All I could do was smile and have a feeling of, “This made it all so worth it.” She truly made my day, my week, my month. And I could tell she was overflowing inside by the act of recognizing another person.

As my client counterparts came down from their offices to meet me and take me to the airport, I packed up my bags and checked my email one more time. There was a new message in my inbox from a colleague and friend. She and I, along with another colleague and now friend, embarked on a lifestyle evolution journey at the same time. At first it was unbeknownst to us, but slowly we realized the common experience we were having and were drawn to one another to share, at times push, but mostly to support one another. It’s been a wonderful experience. I find myself excited to see them each day and share, get inspired from their stories and connect in the most meaningful ways. In her message she shared,

You may not even realize what an impact you have had on me, but I am really and truly a better person because of it.

Floored. Elated. At the same time nodding my head in recognition of her feelings, because that’s exactly what I feel I am receiving from them both. So meaningful. Amazing.

This week I helped a former colleague make a connection to a company that I love, and have experience with, for a potential new job. It was a delight to recommend this young lady and help an organization find someone great. (Fingers crossed for them both!) I was so grateful she reached out to ask me for an introduction. It was a no brainer, something I was more than happy to do. Then to get a message from her that included:

We were reminiscing about our [Alaska] days and how much we miss working with strong mentors, like you.

Amazing. Heart full.

These three exchanges have me feeling high on life. They made me realize something about myself. Something that I knew, but haven’t connected with for some time. I am my best, my happiest, my most fulfilled when I am helping to make life better, not necessarily for others but with others. When I am helping someone or a group of people uncover their potential, identify an issue to overcome, celebrate their badassness, find their joy – it gives me so much light.

It takes a minute to see someone and let them know they have been seen. It takes a minute to recognize someone for their gifts and contributions. To celebrate it by stating it. I see you. I am grateful for all you do.

It takes a minute to help someone.

To connect someone.

To share with someone.

To listen to someone.

To smile at someone.

This week has given me so much to think about. I am grateful for all of my experiences and for the positive impact that I have on others. It fills my bucket and brings me happiness tenfold. I takes a minute.


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  1. Really enjoyed this post and am going to try and be inspired and to inspire someone else,even if it is Malin or Molly to help clean up after playtime. Love you

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